A Pipe Dream NCAA Playoff

So any college football fan can agree, this debate shows itself numerous times throughout the course of a season.

After years of bickering and complaining, the NCAA finally gave in, and agreed on a 4 team playoff that would determine the National Championship.

Of course now that 4 teams (rather than 2) get the opportunity, that still isn’t enough, as every year schools, and analysts moan on how certain schools get robbed of their national title hopes.

Talk is already begun that the NCAA might very well cave again at one point or another, and expand the playoff to 6 or 8 teams. That’s all well, and fine, but I have a playoff scenario (that will likely never happen, but it completely should) that would appease not only power 5 conferences, but all FBS schools (yes, mid-majors, I’m looking at you).

So, what scenario would possibly not only appease the power 5, but the ‘other 5’ FBS football schools?

Certainly there couldn’t be one, right?


Here we go…

Step 1: The Season Setup

The regular season needs to be cut to 10/11 games (10 with a conference championship, 11 if you were to rid them all together). Bare with me…

Step 2: The Playoff Setup

The playoff turns into a 4 week, 16 team tournament. Because some teams will be playing up to 4 extra games, it’s neccassary to cut the regular season by a game or two. So with this plan in place, schools at most (National Championship game) would be playing 15 games.

Step 3: The Conference Champions

There are currently 10 FBS football conferences. Conference champions would automatically receive a bid (similar to basketball). So ten undisputed spots would be decided without any argument.

This would appease teams like UCF who felt they deserved at least a right to play for the title this year. It would also appease every mid major conference, as essentially, all 120 plus FBS teams have a somewhat realistic chance of playing for a national title.

For those who are unaware, some mid-major conferences were discussing creating a playoff exclusively for mid-majors (the other five), and while nothing has officially unfolded from these suspected talks, implementing automatic playoff bids for conference champions would end any of that immediately.

Now, I’m sure were at a point where fans & alum of the power 5 conferences want to jump through the screen and ring my neck.

Hold up, your appeasement is next…

Step 4: The Remaining Six

So that leaves 6 bids (not 4) to finish the field. Meaning, (directed at you power 5 schools), there are not only 2 more spots available, but your conference champion is already accounted for, so your chances are even better.

These six bids would be ‘at large’ bids, and would be determined by the NCAA selection committee.

Step 5: The Seedings

Now, because a team like Appalachian State could very well be awarded an automatic bid for winning the Sun Belt, the NCAA would determine the seeds of the entire bracket.

Have two sides of the bracket (East & West), each side of the bracket seeded 1-8. So teams like Appalachian State would likely be awarded an 8 seed.

Step 6: The Rationale

Take a step back, think about this scenario. Who loses here? I’ll wait… The answer is nobody.

In addition to the five conference champions, power conferences likely receive six additional playoff bids, meanwhile the ‘other 5’ finally have an opportunity to compete in one.

The NCAA will bring in big money with a slightly extended season (not to mention additional playoff games).

The media would have a frenzy over discussing ‘bubble’ teams, as well as potential Cinderella stories that are just so rare in college football, and a contributing factor would be lack of opportunity.

The fans would obviously get to enjoy all this mayhem play-out, and what college football fan doesn’t want an extended season with more playoff teams?

So before you laugh, before you kick & scream, before you throw your phone against the wall, take a step back, and honestly think about any potential loser in this situation.

I’ll wait again… And again, there is none.

While this scenario is likely all but a pipe dream, it’s a scenario that brings in more money, appeases all parties, and is just plain out awesome to think about.

The NCAA Coaching Carousel

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