The NEW sports4sports



‘All About Attitude’

After months of being in ‘limbo,’ it has been determined sports4sports (media) will continue running under the ‘UnBiased Digital’ brand, but will hold independent operations directly via

‘Revamping the Revamp’

Over the past year, sports4sports (media) went through an enormous revamp that ultimately digressed its’ overall following, as well as alienated loyal followers. Simplicity, consistency, user-friendly experiences, and an overall purpose were lost in translation during this revamp period, so the course of action? Revamp the revamp. 

‘All About Attitude?’

sports4sports will return with an all-new premise, new content, and a purpose that defines clarity. All publicized content will still emphasize quality, and look to provide informative insight on selected topics, but with a touch of attitude. Be assured professionalism in terms of publishing consistent quality content will remain a top priority, but a redirected emphasis on a humorous, sarcastic, and entertaining persona will define #theNEWsports4sports. This major transition will look to ultimately see sports4sports media build upon its’ current loyal audience.

What Content To Expect?

sports4sports (media) has always provided a variety of publicized formats when it comes to content, and the same idealogy will still be placed in the strategic forefront of this transition. Familiar, and new unforseen formatting will address a specific segment/topic in accordance to ideal delivery.

If you have an inquiry/suggestion about what content specifically will be made available upon official relaunch, please use the attached contact form that can also be found under ‘Contact’ in the main menu.

To A Loyal Audience

One thing is certain, even through the initial revamp, sports4sports media has gained one of the most loyal followings since beginning operations in 2015. It is humbling to continue to see hundreds of visitors on a weekly basis despite operations being unacceptably inconsistent, and thin. It is your loyalty & dedication to sports4sports that ultimately has lead to the decision of continued operations.

So on that note, THANK YOU; it’s officially time to take action! #TheNEWsports4sports


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