Bracket Breakdown- East

NCAA Bracket Breakdown


Round of 64

Overview: The East is the region of potential upsets. This region drew matchups that scream potential cinderella story. In fact, we could easily see 2 or 3 of the top 5 seeds in the East going down in the round of 64. We are taking Murray State as the what seems like annual, ’12 over 5 seed’ game. We can see Wichita State having trouble with Marshall, the inner state rival between Texas Tech & SF Austin makes this a dangerous matchup for Tech, and we aren’t so sold on Purdue’s ticket to the round of 32 either (call it a hunch, or just blatant March Madness, as we really have nothing to go off of, but for some reason, we can see it).
Biggest Upset: We ended up taking 12 seeded Murray State as the biggest upset, but don’t be surprised if one of the top 4 seeds fall. Every year at least one 12 seed defeats a 5 seed, so we’d be foolish to blatantly disregard this overwhelming statistic. Murray State has also won first round games in their previous two tournament appearances in 2012 (Colorado State), and 2010 (Vanderbilt).

1 Villanova
16. Radford
8 Virginia Tech
9 Alabama 
5 West Virginia
12 Murray State
4 Wichita State
13 Marshall
6 Florida
11 St Bonaventure
3 Texas Tech
14 SF Austin
7 Butler
10 Arkansas

2 Purdue
15 CS Fullerton
*Indicates Predicted Outcome
*Indicates Adjusted Accordingly