Bracket Breakdown- Midwest

NCAA Bracket Breakdown


Round of 64

Overview: The Midwest hold some of the more certain round of 64 matchups. While we can see some top seeds struggling, we see most (if not all) of the higher seeds escaping, and advancing to the round of 32. Kansas, Duke, and Michigan State are all true final four contenders, but after that the talent drops a level, but since when does talent alone determine outcomes in March Madness?
Biggest Upset: Expect the Midwest to be clear of upsets for the most part. The one ‘upset; we have is the winner of Syracuse/Arizona State defeating 6 seeded TCU. We do predict Syracuse as the winner of the play in game, and we think they’ll be determined to prove doubters wrong (at least in the round of 64).

1 Kansas
16 Penn
8 Seton Hall
9 NC State
5 Clemson
12 New Mexico State

4 Auburn
13 Charleston
11 Syracuse
3 Michigan State
14 Bucknell

7 Rhode Island
10 Oklahoma
2 Duke
15 Iona
*Indicates Predicted Outcome
*Indicates Adjusted Accordingly