Bracket Breakdown (R2)- East


Round of 32

Overview: Our Murray State prediction was the one game we can honestly say , ‘we just got it wrong.’ We also didn’t have Marshall over Wichita State, but it or not, it was a brief thought at first. Round 2 will play out as expected for the most part, Villanova take out Alabama, West Virginia will takedown Marshall, Texas Tech should have no issue with Florida. However, Purdue will have a tougher challenge with No Isaac Haas. Does this mean they are definitely falling to Butler? No, they’re still one of the best teams in the tournament, and can easily prevail. We are going with Butler, as Butler is a well-coached team that takes advantage of opponents’ vulnerabilities, and we could see Butler playing some intelligent basketball that guides them to the Sweet Sixteen come weekends’ end.

1 Villanova
9 Alabama
5 West Virginia
13 Marshall
3 Texas Tech
6 Florida

2 Purdue
7 Butler
*Indicates Predicted Outcome
*Indicates Adjusted Accordingly

Round of 64 Predictions/Results