Bracket Breakdown (R2)- West


Round of 32

Overview: Another predictable region in terms of first round outcomes. Only one ‘upset’ within the region, being 9 seeded Florida State. We could see all four of these games being played out in either teams’ favor, but we’re going to give it a shot, because hey, that’s the whole point of this… Did anyone watch Xavier? They looked scary good. Good enough that we’d be pretty damn confident putting them in the Elite Eight at a minimum. Florida State played great in round 1 as well, but Missouri is not Xavier, and they’ll find that out tomorrow afternoon. Gonzaga/Ohio State is literally a ‘toss-up,’ but we went with OSU. Michigan should take care of business against Houston after the first round jitters were held in check, and we see North Carolina defeating Texas A&M in moderately easy fashion.

1 Xavier
9 Florida State
4 Gonzaga
5 Ohio State

3 Michigan
6 Houston

2 North Carolina
7 Texas A&M
*Indicates Predicted Outcome
*Indicates Adjusted Accordingly

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