Bracket Breakdown: South

NCAA Bracket Breakdown


(Round of 64)

Overview: The Southern region is one of the weaker regions in the tournament. It does produce the number one overall seed in Virginia, but after that, questions can be raised about the remaining top seeds. We are so unsure of the top seeds in the south, we have two potential upset candidates in 4 seeded Arizona, and 5 seeded Kentucky.
Biggest Upset: With all the chaos leading up to the tournament, we could see Arizona a bit distracted, and resulting in them overlooking 13 seeded Buffalo. Buffalo is not your average MAC team, as they have size, they love shooting from the perimeter, and can slow down the pace of the game. If Arizona doesn’t enter this game fully focused on the task at hand, we could see Buffalo pulling off the upset.

1 Virginia
8 Creighton 
9 Kansas State

5 Kentucky
12 Davidson
4 Arizona
13 Buffalo
6 Miami(FLA)
11 Loyola-Chi

3 Tennessee
14 Wright State
7 Nevada
10 Texas
2 Cincinnati
15 Georgia State
*Indicates Predicted Outcome
*Indicates Adjusted Accordingly