Bracket Breakdown- Sweet Sixteen (Midwest)


Overview: We knew Syracuse had some juice left in the tank. We take credit for selecting them over TCU in round 1, but we didn’t think they were good enough to take down national powerhouse, Michigan State. Well, there’s one thing we’ve learned, when it comes to basketball (no matter what number is placed in front of them, you don’t underestimate the men in orange… Or Orangemen? Or wait, just Orange now… Jeez, make up your mind Syracuse). Anyway, as for the Sweet Sixteen in the Midwest region, we see Kansas taking care of Clemson without much trouble. As much as we love an underdog, we were surprised Duke wasn’t a awarded a top seed, and we think they’ve done nothing short of playing like it thus far. We could see Syracuse keeping it close, but in the end, if Duke is at the top of their game, they’re the better team, and they’ll advance.

1 Kansas
5 CLemson
2 Duke
11 Syracuse
*Indicates Projected Outcome
*Indicates Adjusted Accordingly

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