Bracket Breakdown- Sweet Sixteen (South)


Overview: Ahh the South… This is where most brackets were ‘busted.’ First, there was no number one seed in the round of 32 for the first time in NCAA tournament history. If you got that one (and you’re not a UMBC student), you may have psychic abilities. But it didn’t stop there, many had 4 Arizona in their Final Four, yeah, well… They failed to take care of business against 13 seeded Buffalo. Obviously a few more people may have had this one (we’re raising our hand), but still not a popular selection. 11 Loyola-Chicago took out Miami on a buzzer beater in round 1, and continued the momentum into the second round where they stunned 3 seeded Tennessee. The South seemed to be the deepest region in terms of lower seeds capable of pulling off the upsets. In fact, this is the only region where none of the top four seeds remain. We’re going to tip things off with Kansas State defeating Kentucky (listen, we have no vendetta against Kentucky, we just think they’re extremely overrated, and should not have been a five seed). So the fact that Kentucky will see their first single digit seed should hopefully iterate, and enforce why. We’re taking Loyola-Chicago over Nevada. Hey, why not ride the lower seeds? It’s worked pretty well in this region so far? This one is honestly a toss-up, and we easily see it coming down to the final few minutes of play.

5 Kenutcky
9 Kansas State
7 Nevada
11 Loyola-Chicago
Indicates Projected Outcome
Indicates Adjusted Accordingly

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