Inside the Crease (2/26/18)

Inside the Crease
Inside The Crease

Monday saw a chaotic trade deadline with teams attempting to add the missing piece for playoff or Stanley Cup Contention. In addition, plenty of clubs threw up the white flag, and parted ways to star players in an attempt to begin the rebuild process. Evander Kane was moved to San Jose, Paul Stastny was traded to Winnipeg, Montreal parted ways with Plekanec as they agreed to a trade with their neighboring rivals, numerous trades were reported after the 3pm EST deadline, and the list can go on… In fact, it does- complete NHL trade tracker.

All in all, the NHL trade deadline lived up to the hype, and more than made up for a more lacking deadline last season. We also saw players rumored to be moving, such as Senators’ Eric Karlsson, stay put. The only way to sum up, not only the final day, but this entire past week leading up until the deadline would be the specific oxymoron of, ‘awesome, chaos.’

The landscape is officially set for the final playoff push, and while some teams may have solidified ‘bowing out,’ many more added key pieces to their rosters that not only make for a fun final month, but create new fantasy implications that fantasy owners (particularly playoff teams) must take note of.

Expect to see Rick Nash reemerge as one of fantasy’s more valuable players with his move to Boston, expect Plekanec to put up consistent production as he joins a much improved Toronto team, expect Ryan McDonagh to be able to produce offensively with the ever-so dangerous Tampa Bay Lightning, you get the idea, essentially already somewhat productive fantasy players who were moved to a better team will be in a better position to produce your team points, the list can go on…

Whether it’s the NHL playoff chase or fantasy implications, after today’s shakeup, only one thing is for sure, ‘buckle up folks, we’re in for an ‘awesome chaotic’ ride.

Fantasy Team of The Week

San Jose Sharks: San Jose not only receives a more than friendly schedule this week, they get to try out their ‘new toy’ with Forward Evander Kane being acquired right before the 3pm EST deadline on Monday. Their upcoming home-stand includes Edmonton, Chicago, and Columbus. What a better way to transition to a new team with the comfort of playing in the Shark tank against opponents such as the Oilers, and a surprisingly underwhelming Blackhawks team. A new toy that adds scoring, an easy schedule, playing in the shark tank… All usually bolds well for more than productive fantasy numbers.

Fantasy Goaltender of the Week

Goaltender of the Week: New York Islanders Goaltending Duo: Looking over the NHL schedule, there was no goaltender (and his matchups) that really stood out as a potential ‘fantasy goaltender of the week,’ so we are cheating a little, and giving the nod to the Islanders’ tandem of Jaroslav Halak, and Thomas Greiss. Simply off the basis they get a home and home against the just about inept Montreal Canadiens. Obviously the Islanders will be the favorite in both games, not to mention Montreal has had trouble all season putting up consistent offensive numbers, so whether Halak or Greiss is between the pipes, a couple of Islanders wins (and potential shutouts) could be expected.


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