The XFL To Return

The XFL To Make A Triumphant Return in 2020


So after the 2001 fiasco of Vince McMahon’s professional football league, the XFL, McMahon is adamant about relaunching the outdoor league in 2020. After losing millions of dollars along with NBC (who cancelled the contracted second season slated for 2002), McMahon has acknowledged his intrigue to bring the league back for quite sometime. Hang on to your hats, here are a few basics we know so far:

  • The league will still be named the XFL. After buying rights to names such as UFL, and UsFL, McMahon and company have decided the brand recognition of the ‘XFL’ was the route to take.
  • The league will begin play in 2020, beginning with a 10 game regular season, and 2 playoff rounds.
  • The League plans on operating from February to late April (essentially as the NFL concludes its’ postseason).
  • The league will begin with a modest 8 teams, and pending on the success, will branch out from therr. It is said McMahon is seeking cities with professional caliber facilities in place, so expect cities with NFL facilities to be a distinct possibility. No information on the exact locations have been determined at this time.
  • The league is seeking to simplify the game of football. Respecting fan requests, adhering to safety regulations from professionals, and speeding up the game from a 3 and half hour event, to an event hovering around 2 hours. McMahon emphasized the elimination of halftime as the first step to creating a ‘faster’ game for fans.
  • Out of the gate, the league is set to be a politics, and social issue free zone. So players will be forced to stand for fhe national anthem, as well as aee expected to hold themselves in a professional manor.
  • Players like Jonny Manziel will not be allowed to participate, as the XFL plans on emphasizing the importance of having just as good of a track record (no DUIs), as their athletic abilities.
  • Player safety was highlighted as a main concern, and future addressment, but no specifics as to how the league plans to go about it other than they plan on speaking with medical professionals, and experts.
  • All in all, the league is being a highlighted as a family friendly league, that will be no nonsense, and all about football. That likely entices team names such as the ‘Hitmen,’ and names on player jerseys reading ‘He Hate Me,’ are probably out of the question this time around (still remains to be seen).
  • For WWE fans wondering if there will be a brand crossover in any way, McMahon was adamant about declaring the XFL a separate entity, and no such crossovers are set in place. That doesn’t mean perhaps WWE stars will be encouraged to speak of the league, or perhaps even attend games (from a PR perspective).

Give McMahon credit. He struck out once before, and he’s decided to step up to the plate again; this time with a different game plan. It’s still too early to tell if this new plan will find any type of success, but the announcement of the league’s revival has certainly gathered attention.

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